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Sample Week of Training
07.27.2013, 11:36 PM
A demo weekly macrocycle, courtesy of Doc Rushall
Category: My files | Added by: Cam
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12 swimek8324  
Hi Everyone,
I will do 3 or 4 USRPT workouts and then 1 recovery. Just a note, since July I started swimming more in the morning and no PM workouts. NOT a good idea, I have since cut AM sessions and gone to PM sessions and the swimmers are sharper. This is 3 weeks before the Main meet of this macrocycle.

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11 abyers010  
I am a member can you please let me know how to download this file?
Thank you

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10 Anne  
Please give instructions for downloading this file.  Thank you.  I am a member

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9 ned  
I'm a new member, and I am having trouble finding the download as well.

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7 Cowboy  
Hi, is it possible to add a sample week for older swimmers as well? Swimmers who normally have specialized more than the typical age group swimmer.

Maybe other coaches that follow USRPT would like to share their thoughts about how you build your weeks, for both age group swimmers and older swimmers?

I have adjusted this sample week to fit our program, and so far (3 weeks in) we seem to progress for every week. But, we also see big day to day variations in performance and how the swimmers adapt to the training.

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6 Free-Thinker  
10 practices a week in addition to a full academic load is asking a lot of anyone. If a swimmer was able to go home and nap in between sessions, this becomes more realistic, but this doesn't seem possible for the average Age Group/High School swimmer.

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5 Mike  
How do you down load?

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1 Cam  
To download this file, you need to be a member of the site.

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2 Allen  
I am not at all familiar with the terminology used in the demo weekly macrocycle.  Please explain what "200s all strokes over 50 m/y" means.  I am guessing 200 is yard or meters and over 50 m/y is completely over my head. Thanks.

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3 Cam  

m/y means yards or meters.
200s over 50 means training repeats of 50 yards or meters at 200 event pace

In the template above, it is suggested to do 1 such set for each of the 4 strokes, resulting in 4 sets in 1 practice session.

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4 Goldie  
Am I missing something?  I don't see where to download the file.

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8 Juanjo_Bas  
Hi all, I am looking for how to download it but I can't find the file.
Please, may somebody help me?

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